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The Tudernum Winery was founded in 1958, when 54 winemakers joined forces to make wine and sell their productions in a cooperative form. From the initial few hectares, the "vineyard park" of the Tudernum winery reached about 650 hectares in the years '75 -'95. The repositioning process of the winery began in 1995, leading to the current 350 hectares. This process is an integral part of the winery's production revaluation strategy and marked the beginning of a new phase for Tudernum wines.

While the vineyards created in the 1970s were characterized by large planting spans and highly productive varieties, for those replanted starting from the early 1990s, both typical varieties of the area (Grechetto, Sangiovese, Sagrantino) and international (Merlot) were used. , Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay) with greater qualitative connotations.

The new vineyards are all mechanizable, a sign of the attention that the winery has always dedicated to the technological innovations of the sector. The change in the wine market, increasingly oriented towards “drinking less but better”, has led Tudernum to focus on excellence and the quality - price ratio.

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